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Welcome to Bummy Jeans Domains.  Our name may sound funny, but we liken our domain names to a pair of relaxed-fit bummy jeans, you know the kind you wear holes into naturally because they're so comfortable.  They've been through everything.  We create names that are practical for new product ideas, events, and new and existing brands.  You may even checkout from a "BUY NOW" auction with a new slogan or tag line for your services.  We are continually brainstorming to offer "different" options for our clients.  Some of those are private offers that are unique to a particular brand.  And while you may see some of the same names here for awhile it's only because we're confident there are buyers like you who can benefit from our offerings.  We create names that allow you to plan for the future of your business.  Our offers are pretty generic, but we also provide brand-specific names that relax-fit your ideas.  That way you don't lock up the richness of your product in the "generic" category.  By the way, if you know a company that one of our domain names "really work for" please ask them to visit us.  We'd really appreciate that.  Whether you start small or are in full force we can help.  Our selection will change periodically.  Let us work with you to open doors to success and produce lots of good traffic.  It all begins with one great relaxed-fit domain name.